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RunContent Features:

The RunContent – Web Site Management Tool allows on-demand creation of web pages, organized in a parent-child hierarchy which permits dynamic menus and sub-menus.  Individual pages may be created in a variety of fully editable display sections. 
Here are the display sections that are currently available to RunContent users at no additional charge, except where noted:
  • Alternating Content: Create areas on your web page who's content will be drawn from a list of items.  These items can be text, images or both text and images at the same time.  The orientation of the Alternating Content may be set to either vertical or horizontal views. Use of the Alternating Content feature will give your site a fresh and interesting look that will keep your visitors coming back time and time again. 
  • Articles: This feature allows a visitor to submit articles and related image through an easy to use contact form. These articles may be sorted by category and published to the web site. 
  • Audio/Video: Load both audio and video files to your web site.   
  • Calendar Pages: Display events on the Calendar and take your pick of several different display options.  When the event date has past, the event is no longer displayed on the Calendar, but may be modified in the database for a future event – great for those annual events. 
  • Community Calendar: Events that are posted to the Community Calendar are viewed in a text format and may be sorted by Time, Category or Area. Visitors may also submit an event to be published in the Calendar (requires approval of the web site administrator) or they may also request a reminder for an event. 
  • Contact Form: Makes it possible to create custom forms that allow you to collect information from your web site visitor. You may define fields using both Standard selections, such as: name, address, email, etc as well as Custom fields that will tell you about what interests your web site visitor. 
  • Content: The Content section operates much like a word processing document. You may include text, images, tables and web links. 
  • Dealer Search: This feature allows the site administrator to create a collection of searchable items, such as store locations, dealers or other services. Items may be added to the collection through an upload/field mapping process or one item at a time. 
  • Documents: Upload documents, such as MS Word, MS Excel and PDF files to your web site to be viewed online. Use the automated list of documents or create links throughout the site that refer to documents on the web site. 
  • Employment: The Employment form is designed to collect the initial information from an applicant. The form contains a set group of questions and may not be edited by the web site administrator at this time. 
  • FAQ: This feature makes it easy to publish answers to those Frequently Asked Questions.  This function automatically formats the content according to your specifications. Questions may be sorted by topic/group and there are three display options that may be chosen. 
  • Feedback: Direct people to this page to give you feedback on any number of things, such as presentations, on-going programs or training sessions. Feedback may be displayed on the site as a review for others to read. 
  • Forum: The Forum application allows you to present topics or questions for comment from web site visitors. (There is a small set-up fee for this feature.) 
  • Gallery:Create photo galleries of images by using one of the 4 different formats, including: Full image with thumbnail image array below; Full image with thumbnail imaged framed around the full sized image; Scroll through a series of full sized images; Flash transition through a series of full sized images 
  • Links: Create a Resource Center on you site using the Links page. Links may be sorted by group and include the link, link description and related image.  Visitors will keep coming back to your site to check out your latest discovery. 
  • The Maps feature allows you to define a space on the page that will contain a dynamic map of the location that you specify. 
  • Navigation: In addition to the embedded navigation that may be defined on a web site, occasionally a client will want to create a secondary area for navigation on a page or series of pages. This feature allows you to select the pages that you want included in the navigation area as well as any related image. 
  • Newsletter: The Newsletter section provides a pre-formatted page your information in a pleasant Newsletter style scheme, without a lot of work!
  • Ecommerce: RunContent has an Ecommerce application that plugs right into your web site. This is a full featured Ecommerce solution with many advanced product definition, display and pricing functions.
    (There are additional set-up and hosting fees for this feature.)
  • Quotes: Displays random quotes/sayings/testimonials from a list that you create and is automatically formatted by the application. You have the ability to keep a quote on the list, but remove it from the display rotation. 
  • Search: Add the ability to search for keywords in your web site. Search results display on a Results page with links to the relevant pages.
    (There is a small set-up fee for this feature.)
  • Secure Page/Intranet: This feature allows you to create password protected pages on your web site. You may define a single area were all who login may all the pages or multiple areas where individuals or groups will only see the information intended for them. 
  • Site Map: Include a complete site map for your web site with several display options. This Site Map will automatically update when you make changes to your web site. 
  • Templates: Allows you to develop standard layouts/templates for pages that may be used throughout the web site. 
  • Weather: Include up-to-date weather information on your web site by specifying location (city and state).
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