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The RunContent Contact/Request Form feature allows you to create your own contact forms according to your own specification, not some pre-defined form that was created to serve a broad range of customers.  Because of its flexiblilty, this is one of the features that we are most excited about.

The  Contact/Request Form  allows you to create contact or request forms that suit your specific needs.  

Take Control.

  • Standard Fields such as: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, County, Phone(s)
  • Custom Fields - collect responses from your questions using the following formats: Short Text Box, Long Text Box, Y/N Radio Button, Single Select Drop-down, Multiple Select Drop-down, Single Select Radio Button, Multiple Select Checkboxs
  • Field Order and Layout
  • Contact Email - define a different email destination for each Contact/Request form
  • Download Information - download the data that is collected from the Contact/Request Forms in a tab delimited format for use in other desktop applications.
  • Custom Response (option)
  • Email Confirmation (option)

Short Contact Form

Short Contact/Request Form  ( view example )

Extended Contact Form

Extended Contact/Request Form  ( view example ) 

Sign-up Contact Form

Sign-up Contact/Request Form  ( view example ) 


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